Frequent question: Is Skylar India’s Daughter?

He also has a daughter named Skyler Banks. Meanwhile, India is a mother to two kids as she has a seven-year-old daughter from a previous relationship.

Who is India Royale’s baby daddy?

She has not shared anything about her first relationship or the father to her daughter Skylar. India has two children as of now, first named Skylar and another whom she shares with the rapper Durk named Willow. On the other hand, rapper Lil Durk has 6 children in total from several of his relationships.

Who is Skylar India daughter Dad?

Durk is also father to Skyler Banks. It is thought that Tameka Kute is Skyler’s mother.

Is Skylar Lil Durk’s child?

Banks was born in 2014

Skyler was born on the 29th of August, 2014. The seven-year-old is Lil Durk’s second daughter and was born in America. The specifics of her origin and upbringing are unknown, although she is most likely pursuing early schooling at a local institution.

Did India have a kid before Durk?

India and Lil Durk are parents to one child together. They welcomed a daughter named Willow Banks in October 2018. The rapper has five other kids from previous relationships. He had his first child with Nicole Covone, Angelo, 10, and the pair welcomed a daughter, named Bella, in 2013.

How many kids does lil baby have?

Lil Baby, 27, has two sons he has acknowledged paternity, one of whom is with Jayda Cheaves.

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