Which is the toughest bank exam in India?

RBI Grade B is considered one of the toughest banking exams. There is not a lot of study material available and the questions asked are also tough. The interview process is also a very crucial part of the selection. Limited seats and tough paper make it the most difficult exam to crack.

Which exam is tougher SBI or IBPS?

Difficulty Level of SBI PO and IBPS PO

But based on the analysis by the experts and exam reviews given by the students who appear in the examination, it can be said that the SBI PO is quite tougher than the IBPS PO. And the number of seats released by the SBI PO is less than the seats released by the IBPS PO.

Which bank exam is very tough?

There are lakhs of aspirants applying for a post where the vacancies are in thousands. The competition for the exam is highly tough.

Why Candidates Fail To Qualify IBPS Bank Exam.

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Which banking exam is best?

Top Bank Exams in India

  • IBPS Clerk (CWE Clerical)
  • RBI Officer Grade B.
  • RBI Officer Grade C.
  • RBI Office Assistant.

Which bank exam is the easiest?

Amongst all the banking exams the easiest to crack is IBPS RRB – Regional Rural Bank examinations.

Is SBI job stressful?

Mean values clearly indicates that the job stress of the employees of SBI is highest with respect to ‘Unable to carry out assignment satisfactorily due to excessive work load and lack of time (4.55)’ component which is followed by ‘Doing lots of work in the job (4.46)’, ‘Unable to devote time for domestic and personal …

What is SBI clerk salary?

The starting salary of SBI Clerk is ₹ 19900/- (₹ 17900/- plus two advance increments admissible to graduates). The newly revised payscale of SBI Clerk is ₹ 17900-1000/3-20900-1230/3-24590-1490/4-30550- 1730/7-42600-3270/1-45930-1990/1-47920.

What is SBI PO salary?

The initial basic salary offered to an SBI Probationary Officer is Rs 41,960 (with 4 advanced increments). This means the PO will get a basic of Rs 36000 with an increment of Rs 1490 for the next 7 years, followed by a basic of Rs 46430 with an annual increment of Rs 1740 for the next two years and so on. …

Is banking job stressful?

Banking sector: In India, banking, finance and IT sectors have gruelling work environments but banking trumps the list. … Bankers, especially investment bankers, work long hours, suffer from inadequate sleep and exhaustion.

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Which PO exam is easy?

Exam Pattern

Recruitment Process IBPS SBI
Exam Pattern (Prelims) PO- One hour with 20 minutes sectional timing Clerk- One hour with 20 minutes sectional timing RRB PO & Clerk- 45 minutes with no sectional timings PO- One hour with 20 minutes sectional timing Clerk- One hour with 20 minutes sectional timing

Which is the highest post in bank?


  1. Auditor. An auditor is accounting specialists who prepare and examine financial records. …
  2. SBI PO. …
  3. RBI Grade B. …
  4. NABARD Grade A & B Officer. …
  5. Finance Advisor. …
  6. RBI Assistant. …
  7. NABARD Development Assistant. …
  8. IBPS PO.

Which bank Po has highest salary?

SBI PO one of the most lucrative career. The basic pay of an SBI PO is Rs 27620.

Is SBI PO exam tough?

Depending on the analysis done by the experts and several aspirants with regards to the difficulty level of questions, SBI PO is considered as a difficult exam than IBPS PO. As the number of seats for SBI PO is also limited, the cut off is higher for SBI PO aspirants. … Both the exams are divided in three phases.

Which is tougher SSC or bank po?

The reasoning part of bank exams is tougher than the SSC exam as it more concept based. Though the Quantitative Aptitude Section is almost the same for both exams, candidates preparing for SSC CGL need to focus more on conceptual topics like trigonometry, Algebra, etc.

Which government job is easy?

Some of the easiest government exams to crack in India include: RRB Group D. RRB NTPC. SSC Multi Tasking staff.

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Why do people fail in bank exams?

Not paying attention to negative marking

While taking the exam, candidates try to solve a maximum number of questions without taking note that for every wrong answer, negative marking applies. This is a major reason for their failure in bank exams. Guesswork does not work in such competitive exams.