Which state has most accidents in India?

Which city has most accidents in India?

While Ludhiana was eight among 53 cities of the country in fatality rate, Ghaziabad was the worst at 106.5%, followed by Nasik 106.12% and Agra and Mumbai at 100% each. The average value for all cities was 23.9%. In the region, Ludhiana had highest fatality rate in 2020.

Which state in India has most road accidents?

In 2019, the Indian state with the highest number of road accidents was Tamil Nadu, with over 57 thousand cases reported, followed by Madhya Pradesh, with over 51 thousand reported road accidents.

Which state has the highest accident rate?

5 states with the most fatal car accidents: Texas (3,305) California (3,259) Florida (2,915)

5 states with the most car accidents:

  • Massachusetts.
  • Maine.
  • Maryland.
  • Rhode Island.
  • New Hampshire.

Which car has highest accident in India?

Top 10 Most Unsafe Indian Cars | Unsafe Cars in India

  1. Maruti Celerio. Maruti Suzuki Celerio is a famous 5-door hatchback from Maruti. …
  2. Maruti Suzuki S-Presso. …
  3. Maruti Suzuki Alto. …
  4. Maruti Eeco. …
  5. Renault Kwid. …
  6. Datsun Redigo. …
  7. Hyundai Santro. …
  8. Maruti Suzuki Wagonr.
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Which state has most accidents in India 2020?

According to the World Health Organization, India is responsible for the highest overall number of deaths caused due to road accidents. Following India are China and the United States Of America. The statistics show that Uttar Pradesh is ranked the highest when it comes to deaths caused due to road accidents.

Which city has the most road accidents?

Among the Indian cities, the capital city of Delhi had the most number of road accident deaths with 1.4 thousand deaths during 2019, followed by the southern city of Chennai with over 1.2 thousand deaths due to road accidents in that year.

Which state has best roads in India?

Which state has the best roads in India? According to the data, Karnataka has the best roads in India with a total of 184,918.

Which country has highest accident rate?

Road Traffic Accidents

1 Zimbabwe 61.90
2 Liberia 52.03
3 Malawi 51.62
4 Gambia 47.51
5 Togo 46.62

Which bike is most accident in India?

Most number of accidents: There is no certain percentage or number to define the rate of accidents the Dukes have had. Lately however, most cases of road accidents and on the spot deaths have been reported to be on Dukes. The death toll on Duke is much more than any other motorcycle in India.

What state has the lowest car accidents?

Across all 50 states, the average percentage of accident-prone drivers is 12.45 percent. Michigan’s rate — which is the lowest of any state —is less than half of this overall average, at 6.18 percent. Mississippi, New Mexico, Oklahoma, and Nevada followed with the lowest rates of at-fault drivers nationwide.

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Who has more car accidents?

Men get more traffic violations, DUIs, and are found responsible for a higher number of car accidents than women. However, on average, men also drive more miles than women. Although there are roughly a million more licensed female drivers than male drivers, men drive approximately 40 percent more miles every year.

Which state has the safest drivers?

Safest States for Drivers

Safest States for Drivers Fatality rate per 1,000 drivers
1. Massachusetts .048
2. Rhode Island .049
3. New York .052
4. New Jersey .062

Who is the safest car in India?

10 safest cars in India as rated by Global NCAP

  • Maruti Vitara Brezza – 4/5. …
  • Tata Tiago/Tigor and Tigor EV – 4/5. …
  • Mahindra Thar – 4/5. …
  • Volkswagen Polo – 4/5. …
  • Mahindra Marazzo – 4/5. …
  • Mahindra XUV700 – 5/5. …
  • Tata Nexon – 5/5. …
  • Tata Altroz – 5/5.

Which car is safest in a crash?

According to the IIHS, the Toyota Avalon Sedan and RAV4 Mini-SUV are in the top five safest vehicles you can buy for under $30,000. The Volkswagen Passat, Nissan Maxima Sedan and Chrysler 200 also fall under this category.

Small Cars:

  • Kia Forte sedan.
  • Kia Soul.
  • Subaru Impreza.
  • Subaru WRX.

Is brezza safe car?

Maruti Suzuki Vitara Brezza is the only Maruti Suzuki car in the list of the top 10 safest cars in India. The Vitara Brezza scored an impressive 4-star safety rating in the Global NCAP crash test.