Why is Dr BR Ambedkar known as the Father of the Indian Constitution Class 8?

Bhimrao Ramji Ambedkar is famously known as the Father of indian Constitution because he was the man who drafted the Indian Constitution along with the drafting committee being headed single handedly by him. Explanation: … He was the former Indian Jurist along with the skills of economy.

Why was Ambedkar known as Father of Indian Constitution?

Ambedkar played the most effective role in presenting the Constitution as a guiding document for Indian society. He was appointed as the Chairman of the Constitution Drafting Committee, and was appointed by the Assembly to write India’s new Constitution on 29th August.

Who is known as the Father of Indian Constitution ‘?

Dr Bhimrao Ramji Ambedkar, the father of the Indian Constitution, was an ambitious leader, journalist, economist and social reformer who fought for discrimination against the untouchables. On August 29, 1947, he formed a committee of seven members calling it the ‘Drafting Committee’.

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Who was Dr BR Ambedkar What was his contribution in the society class 8?

Dr. B.R Ambedkar is regarded as the Father of the constitution of India to protect individual citizens from a wide range of civil liberties which consisted of freedom of religion, the abolition of untouchability, and outlaw all forms of discrimination.

Which was described by Dr BR Ambedkar as the heart and soul of the Constitution?

B.R Ambedkar had said that Article 32 is the heart and soul of the Constitution, and rights given through it will always be exercised in the Supreme Court unless any amendment has been made in the Constitution.

What is BR Ambedkar contribution?

In 1951, Ambedkar established the Finance Commission of India. He opposed income tax for low-income groups. He contributed in Land Revenue Tax and excise duty policies to stabilise the economy. He played an important role in land reform and the state economic development.

What was the role of BR Ambedkar in making the Constitution 9?

He was a renowned social reformer, politician and jurist. Ambedkar is called the Father of Indian Constitution. … Babasaheb was appointed as the Union Law Minister and Chairman of the Constitution Drafting Committee. The Constitution Drafting Committee was given the responsibility of writing the constitution on India.

What change did Ambedkar bring in the society?

Ambedkar advocated extensive economic and social rights for women and won the support of the Assembly to introduce a system of reservations for members of scheduled castes and scheduled tribes and Other Backward Class in the civil services, schools, and colleges.

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Why Dr Ambedkar did considered the Right to Constitutional remedies as heart and soul of the Constitution?

Babasaheb Ambedkar called the Right to Constitutional Remedies as the ‘heart and soul’ of our Constitution because it is the only right that makes the rest of the rights effective. … If it is a Fundamental Right we can directly approach the Supreme Court or the High Court of a state.

Which right is called the heart and soul?

Article 32 of the Indian Constitution that is the Right to Constitutional remedies is considered as ‘the heart and soul of the Constitution’.

Which organ is called as the heart and soul of the state?

The government is called the ‘Heart and soul’ of the state.