How far is Tambaram from Chennai Central?

Is Tambaram and Chennai Central same?

Tambaram is located in India at the longitude of 80.13 and latitude of 12.92. Chennai Central Railway Station is located in India at the longitude of 80.27 and latitude of 13.08 . Driving Distance : 36 KM and 262 meters / 22.5 miles.

How many platforms are there in Tambaram?

Tambaram railway station

Owned by Ministry of Railways, Indian Railways
Platforms 8
Tracks 11

What is the name of Chennai Central railway station?

Puratchi Thalaivar Dr. M.G. Ramachandran Central Railway Station, commonly known as Chennai Central (station code: MAS), is the main railway terminus in the city of Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India.

Is Metro available in Tambaram?

Chennai Metro has now a new project in its kitty — a plan to build the first Light Rail project for the city, that will connect Velachery with Tambaram. … The CMRL plans to explore options, including the one touching Pallikaranai, Medavakkam, Gowrivakkam and then subsequently East Tambaram.

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Is there lift in Tambaram railway station?

Despite being declared the third terminal of the Chennai Division in 2018, the station still lacks proper passenger amenities, rue public. … “Another major issue is that the station does not have escalator or lift on the 6, 7 and 8th platforms, where long distance trains usually halt.

Which railway station is near to Chennai Airport?

Chennai Airport doesn’t have an own railway station, however, passengers can transfer to the nearest railway station, Tirusulam Station, located 2 km from Chennai Airport. The route is Tambaram to Chennai Beach and stops in important stations: Chennai Airport (Tirusulam RS) and Chennai Central Station, among others.

How do I get from Chennai airport to railway station?

Train or bus from Madras Airport (MAA) to Chennai Central Station? The best way to get from Madras Airport (MAA) to Chennai Central Station is to line 40132 train which takes 34 min and costs ₹85 – ₹550. Alternatively, you can bus, which costs ₹23 – ₹70 and takes 1h 6m.

How can I go to Chennai airport from CMBT?

There is no direct Metro train to CMBT from Airport, need to change at Alandur station.

Which zone is Tambaram?

Tambaram is a suburban city located south of Chennai, within the Chengalpattu district of Tamil Nadu.

Country India
State Tamil Nadu
District Chengalpattu
Municipal Corporation Tambaram

Will Tejas Express stop at Tambaram?

Chennai: Residents demanding a stop at Tambaram railway station for the Chennai-Madurai Tejas Express are disappointed as the the Railway Board, according to an RTI reply, has not approved the proposal. … “It only approved the stoppage at Dindigul but not at Tambaram,” said Dayanand Krishnan, a resident of Chitlapakkam.

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How many stations are there from Tambaram to Chengalpattu?

The EMU train (Chengalpattu (Slow)) has 11 stations departing from Tambaram Railway Station and ending in Chengalpattu.

Is Egmore and Central are same?

Chennai Egmore is located in India at the longitude of 80.26 and latitude of 13.08. Chennai Central is located in India at the longitude of 80.27 and latitude of 13.08 .

Which railway station is cleanest in India?

Here is the list of top 10 cleanest railway stations in India in 2019.

  • Rank 2| Jodhpur Junction railway station | Zone: North Western Railway | State: Rajasthan (Image:
  • Rank 1| Jaipur Junction railway station | Zone: North Western Railway | State: Rajasthan (Image:

Which railway station is biggest in India?

Howrah Junction Railway Station

Howrah Junction is the oldest and largest railway station in India. Along with this, it is one of the busiest Railway stations in India. At least 1 million people travel from this station every day.