Is the oldest artificial sea port of India?

The correct answer is Chennai Port.

Which is the oldest artificial sea?

Artificial harbors are frequently built for use as ports. The oldest artificial harbor known is the Ancient Egyptian site at Wadi al-Jarf, on the Red Sea coast, which is at least 4500 years old (ca.

Which of the following is oldest port in India?

The oldest port in India, Lothal was an important port city of Indus valley civilization and was located in today’s Bhal region of Gujarat.

How many artificial ports are in India?

India has 13 major ports and 205 notified minor and intermediate ports. Six new mega ports are to be developed under the Sagarmala Project.

Which is the largest artificial port in India?

Largest Artificial Port in India – Jawaharlal Nehru Port.

Which of the following is the oldest port?

Answer: option d is correct. Chennai is the oldest port of India.

Which are the artificial ports of India?

Kolkata port, Paradip port, Vizzag port, Kamarajar port, Chennai port, Tuticorin port, Cochin port, New Mangalore port, Mormugao port, Mumbai port, Jawaharlal Nehru port and Kandla port are the 12 major ports in India. Q.

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Which is the newest port in India?

Tuticorin Port is a new port that was recently constructed in Tamil Nadu and is one of the 13 major ports of India. It is an artificial harbour developed 8kms south of the old Tuticorin port.

Is Kolkata Port fake?

It is the oldest operating port in India and was constructed by the British East India Company. Kolkata is a freshwater port with no variation in salinity.

Port of Kolkata.

Syama Prasad Mukherjee Port Trust
Annual container volume 8,44,762 (2019–20)TEUs
Passenger traffic 20,396 (2016–17)

Which is the second oldest port in India?

Kandla Port is the largest port of India by volume of cargo handled. Madras Port is the one of the oldest port of India and the second largest port in the country.

Facts about Major ports in India.

S.No 1.
Name of the Port Kandla
Coast Western Coast
State Gujarat

Which is the oldest artificial sea port of India Class 10?

Kolkata Port is the oldest artificial port in India.

Which is the deepest sea port in India?

Visakhapatnam is one out of the 13 major ports in India. Therefore, this is the correct answer as Vishakhapatnam is the deepest sea-port in India.