What happened to La India singer?

Salsa singer Linda Viera Caballero, better known as “La India,” took a beating that left her hospitalized early Monday morning with a broken nose and a hematoma with internal bleeding, local media report.

Why did La India stop singing?

I wanted to leave to sing, to do my things, and I didn’t want anyone saying anything to me, and also over an argument with my sister. …

What happened with Marc Anthony and La India?

It looks like this feud began in 2005 when La India started bashing Marc Anthony saying that “fame has gone to his head and that when he comes back to reality and wants to sing to people, I ‘ll be around,” detailing various media.

Is the singer La India married?

India received a Lo Nuestro Award nomination in 1993 for Best Female Performer, Tropical/Salsa. In 1994 La India, together with Louie Vega, recorded the house-music single “Love and Happiness” (Yemaya y Ochún), which paid tribute to Santería (a syncretic religion based in the Caribbean).

Are Marc Anthony and La India friends?

You’d think that after collaborating in one of the best salsa jams of all time, La India and Marc Anthony would be best friends. Well, think again! … The Puerto Rican pair recorded their smash hit “Vivir Lo Nuestro” in 1994 and a collaboration 21 years after would be “interesting,” according to La India.

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Is La India still married?

Born Linda Caballero in 1970 in Rio Piedras, Puerto Rico; grew up in “La Candela” section of the Bronx, New York, NY; married Little Louie Vega, 1989; divorced, 1996.

How many singers are in India?

Female playback singers

Years active 2018 Name Language
2001–present Malavika Telugu
2011–present Alka Ajith Malayalam, Tamil
1980–present Alka Yagnik Bengali, Hindi, Punjabi, Malayalam, Tamil, Odia, Gujarati, Nepali, Assamese, Marathi, Telugu, Urdu, Bhojpuri, English
1945–1961 Amirbai Karnataki Hindi, Urdu

Is indila retired?

Adila Sedraïa (born 26 June 1984), best known by her stage name Indila (French pronunciation: ​[indila]), is a French singer and songwriter.

Genres French pop orchestral pop raï world folk pop
Years active 2009–present
Labels Capitol

Where did La India grow up?

Born Linda Viera Caballero on March 9, 1970, in Rio Piedras, Puerto Rico, India grew up in a section of the South Bronx known as La Candela. Her parents moved there shortly after her birth, moving in with her grandmother, a world-wise, cigar-smoking woman who was a key influence in India’s life.

When did La India start singing?

The singer/songwriter debuted in 1992 with her salsa album, Llegó La India via Eddie Palmeri and released Dicen Que Soy in 1994, earning the nickname “la princesa de la salsa” (salsa princess).