Why does Chennai receives rainfall twice a year?

The Coromandel coast of Tamil Nadu receives rainfall twice a year. … During winter, cold and dry winds blow from the north-east generally cause no rainfall. But while leaving the eastern coast, the winds gather sufficient moisture from the Bay of Bengal and re-enter the landmass near the Coromandel coast.

Why Chennai receives more rainfall?

-Chennai is the capital city of Tamil Nadu. It lies on the Coromandel coast on the eastern coast of the Peninsula. -During summer, Arabian Sea branch of South-west Monsoon ascends the Western Ghats and results in maximum rainfall on its western side. … That is why; Chennai obtains rainfall more in winter than in summer.

Which part of country gets rainfall twice a year?

Tamil Nadu is the state that gets rainfall twice a year.

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Why does Coromandel coast of Tamil Nadu receive rainfall in two seasons of the year?

– The north-east monsoon winds that pick up moisture from the Bay of Bengal are blocked by these mountains. – Therefore, because of the obstruction created by the Eastern Ghats to these winds, the Coromandel coast receives rainfall during the winter season.

Why Chennai receives rainfall in October and November?

In October and November, Southwest Monsoon becomes weak and low-pressure trough, where trade winds converge move southward. This brings retreating monsoon in Tamil Nadu and some peninsular regions. These are the rainiest months of Chennai due to cyclonic depressions which comes in the Eastern Ghats and Eastern Coast.

Why does Chennai receives less rain than Thiruvananthapuram?

Chennai receives rain from northeast monsoons during October-November which is not very strong hence gives less rain whereas Thiruvananthapuram Kerala receives very heavy rain from southwest monsoon which are much more powerful. It also gets some rain from the retreating Monsoon.

Why Tamil Nadu gets rainfall in winter?

During the winter season, the winds prevailing in the country are the Northeast trade winds. … Due to the geographical location, the east coast receives rainfall as the north east trade winds blow from sea to land in this location. Hence the coast of Tamil Nadu receives winter rainfall.

Why does Tamil Nadu not receive rainfall in late summer?

This is the summer monsoon period where the southwest monsoon holds away over the country. The whole country receives nearly 75% of its rainfall during this period. … Tamil Nadu is considered as a rain shadow region as it lies on the eastern side of western ghats.

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Which place in India records the highest rainfall?

Mawsynram receives the highest rainfall in India.


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Why does Mumbai receive more rainfall in summer season while Chennai receives rainfall in winter?

Mumbai receives rainfall in summer season by south west monsoon, which enters into India from western coast, where Mumbai liqs and gives it heavy rainfall but Chennai receives rainfall in the month of October to December by the retreating monsoon and the N.E. monsoon which come from north east direction.

Why does Coromandel coast get high rainfall during North West monsoon?

Coromandel coast gets most of its rain during winter season because of N.E. monsoons which pickup moisture from Bay of Bengal and strikes the Coromandel coast.

Why does south east coast of India receive rainfall in winter?

Tamil Nadu coast is situated parallel to the Bay of Bengal Branch of south west mansoon. It lies in the rainshadow area of the Arabian Sea Branch of South west monsoon.. … So this retreating monsoon cause the rainfall in Tamil Nadu in winter.

Why Tamil Nadu gets more rainfall in winter than in summer?

Chennai experiences more rainfall in winter than summer due to following reasons: … Tamil Nadu falls on the leeward end so it experiences little or no rain in summer. In winters, the retreating monsoon hits the eastern coast and rainfall is received by it through northeast monsoon winds.

Which district in Tamil Nadu did get maximum rainfall?

Virudhunagar district received the highest average rainfall of 50.78 mm. Madurai had an average rainfall of 18.89 mm. Dindigul district recorded 32.11 mm of average rainfall. Ramanathapuram received 14.02 mm and Tuticorin 48.77 mm.

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