You asked: Is Chennai safe for female students?

CHENNAI: Chennai is the safest metropolitan city for women and children in the country, as per the latest NCRB data released on October 21. … However, the city is ranked 15 out of 19 cities for most cases of crimes against women.

Is Chennai a safe city for girls?

Chennai is not all about Idli-Dosa and Rajnikanth. It is a city with a major south Indian culture, be it architecture, music, dance, drama or sculpture. But, most importantly, it also has a low crime rate, making it a safe place for not just Indian women, but also tourists and solo travelers from abroad.

Is Chennai a safest place?

Generally, the city is considered to be the safest one in India. There is no violent crime, but petty crime acts cannot be avoided in such a huge city.

Which state is not safe for girl in India?

As of 2016, Delhi is the least safe State/UT with the highest cognizable crime rate of 160.4 (per 100,000 persons). Nagaland has the lowest incidence of crime based on the percentage of share.


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S.No 14
State/UT Madhya Pradesh
Crime against Women (IPC + SLL) 2014 28756
2016 26604
2018 28942

Is Chennai safe for female Quora?

ANSWER: Chennai is indeed a safer place, not only for girls but for everyone. , former HR & Administration at Private Sector; Public Sector. Compared to many cities in North India, Chennai and any other city in South India is quite safe for women.

What should not do in Chennai?

Do not Smoke! Take the warning as seriously as you can when it comes to smoking in the city. Smoking in the public areas will earn you nothing but a free trip to the police station! Chennai has very strict smoking laws and you better abide by them!

How is Chennai life?

CHENNAI: Among cities in India with more than a million population, Chennai has the best quality of life, is highly resilient with best mobility options and is safe and secure. However, the city ranks poorly on economic abilities, places of recreation and the number of green structures.

Is Chennai safe to live?

Chennai is relatively safe compared to other major cities in India. The crime rate of the city is significantly lower. Property crimes like pick-pocketing, scams, and occasional muggings are probably the most widespread crimes involving foreign visitors or residents.

Is India safe for girls?

Some evidence shows that the crime rate against women went up by around 131% in May last year. Ironically, India ranked as one of the most dangerous places for women in the world. Despite the legal framework being put into place, we are not able to control crime against women.

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Is Mumbai safe for female?

Mumbai has consistently been ranked as one of the safest cities in India. Being the most developed and posh city in India, it is also the financial and commercial hub. … Women feel safe to travel even at night in Mumbai due to readily available transport and buzzing nightlife.

Which state is most beautiful in India?

The 10 Most Beautiful States in India

  • Kerala. Referred to as ‘God’s Own Country’, Kerala is one of India’s prettiest states. …
  • Rajasthan. …
  • Goa. …
  • Punjab. …
  • Himachal Pradesh. …
  • Uttar Pradesh. …
  • Gujarat. …
  • Jammu and Kashmir.

Is it safe to travel in Chennai at night?

Chennai is a city that’s always bustling with life. Buzzing round the clock, nightlife in the city is one of the best in South India. While on one hand you have pubs and bars to visit, there are a few places where you can chill out at night. Completely safe, these places are popular with locals and tourists alike.

How can I stay alone in Chennai?

Things to do in Chennai Alone:

  1. Attend the Hindu Metroplus Theatre Fest. …
  2. Spend a Quiet Evening on Marina Beach. …
  3. Drown yourself in Books at Anna Centenary Library. …
  4. Revisit Malgudi Days by Dining at Malgudi. …
  5. Go Fishing at Barracuda Bay. …
  6. Scour Pondy Bazaar for Quirky and Inexpensive Stuff.

How many North Indians are in Chennai?

Chennai and its suburbs are home to over 40,000 people originally from Bihar and Jharkhand, over 4,000 from Punjab, and nearly a lakh Sindhis – distributed across Anna Nagar, Perambur, Egmore, Velachery, Red Hills, Tambaram, and Harbour neighbourhoods.

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