Best answer: Who makes plan in India?

Who is the father of Indian plan?

Father of Indian Economic Planning is Sir M. Vishweshwaraiah. Sir M Visvesvaraya, popularly known as Sir MV, was an engineer, statesman, and a scholar.

Who does economic planning in India?

The major achievements of economic planning in India remain an important part of the UPSC Syllabus. The strategy of economic planning in India under the Planning Commission as well the NITI Aayog are important as well.

History of Economic Planning In India.

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How many plans are there in India?

From 1947 to 2017, the Indian economy was premised on the concept of planning. This was carried through the Five-Year Plans, developed, executed, and monitored by the Planning Commission (1951-2014) and the NITI Aayog (2015-2017).

Who is known as father of planning?

Father of Indian Economic Planning is Mokshagundam Vishweswaraiah better known as M. Vishweswaraiah.

Who introduced Planning Commission in India?

After India achieved independence, a formal model of planning was adopted, and accordingly the Planning Commission, reporting directly to the Prime Minister of India, was established on 15 March 1950, with Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru as the Chairman.

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Who prepared Gandhi?

The Gandhian Plan was put forth by Shriman Narayan Aggarwal in 1944.

Who introduced Bombay Plan?

Known as the Bombay Plan, it was authored by top industrialists such as JRD Tata, GD Birla and Lal Shri Ram. The economists who helped draft the plan were John Mathai (who went on to become the finance minister in Nehru’s cabinet), Ardheshir Dalal, AD Shroff and PS Lokanathan.

Who is the father of Indian budget?

Shanmukham Chetty on 26 November 1947. Total revenues stood at ₹171.15 crore, and the fiscal deficit was ₹24.59 crore.

What are the 3 types of planning?

There are three major types of planning, which include operational, tactical and strategic planning. A fourth type of planning, known as contingency planning, is an alternative course of action, which can be implemented if and when an original plan fails to produce the anticipated result.

Who prepared 12th five year plan?

The Five-Year Plans were laid to rest by the Narendra Modi-led NDA government in 2015. Hence, the 12th five-year plan is considered the last five-year plan of India. The decades-old Five-Year Plans was replaced by a three-year action plan, which will be part of a seven-year strategy paper and a 15-year vision document.

Who gives the final approval to the Five-Year Plans of India?

The apex body gives final approval to a five-year plan in India – National Development Council. National Development Council was established on 6th August 1952.

Which five year plan is most successful?

The correct answer is Eleventh plan. Eighth Five Year Plan: Its duration was from 1992 to 1997, under the leadership of P.V. Narasimha Rao.

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Why did India opt for planning?

At the time of independence, the Indian economy was in its worst stage. … So India opted for planning because it helps in spelling out how the resources of a nation should be used efficiently and economically, so that rate of economic growth can be accelerated.

Who prepared the 11th Five plan of India?

Explanation: The 11th five plan of India was prepared by the noted economist Mr. K. Kasturirajan. This plan was finally approved by the National Development Council (NDC).