Can I sell one floor of my house in Bangalore?

How do you sell one floor on a house?

Answers (1)

You need to execute an agreement to sell with the prospective purchaser and then cause the sale deed to be registered in his favor. Further, as your property is mortgaged you need to get consent from the bank to get the portion of the property sold.

Can I sell individual floor of my house?

Yes you can sell the 1st floor area of your possession to any body of your choice as you are a free hold owner of the property by the will of your father by way of Gift to the two brothers.

How can I sell my flat in Bangalore?

The traditional methods are newspaper advertisements and brokers. You can also go the online route and list your property with Nestaway. Listing your property on this reputed platform will increase your chances of finalising the sale of your apartment in Bangalore.

How can I sell my plot in Bangalore?

Answers ( 3 )

  1. You can sell your plot on various real estate websites.
  2. Visit the Facebook real estate group of your locality and post your property ad there.
  3. You can prompt your property advertisement on social media as well.
  4. Mention the property details in the advertisement.
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Is it easy to sell flat in Bangalore?

Selling property in Bangalore is very easy now because there are many real estate listings website like HOUSING BHARAT . COM.

Should I sell my flat in Bangalore?

So have real-estate investment opportunities

The city real-estate is mostly driven by residential and commercial demand (thanks to the startups!). … Hence, if you have any apartment (bought as an investment opportunity) in the heart of Bangalore, we would suggest to offload it, in any price that you are getting today.

Is it easy to sell apartment in Bangalore?

Yes, it is easy to sell new flat in Bangalore. As per the comment in question, you are not expecting profile, therefore it is very much possible to sell at cost or at very thin margin. Step 1: Take the quality snaps of property. Step 2: List the property on property website and application.

How can I sell my plot fast?

Answer ( 1 )

  1. To sell plot online, my advice to you is to either list your property online on real estate websites, spread the word around or contact a broker. …
  2. Personally, I think it’s best to go for the online method. …
  3. You can post an ad on any of these websites and attract the right set of interested buyers.

What is the price of 30 40 site in Bangalore?

The project includes luxury villa plots of 30′ x 40′, 30′ x 50′, 40′ x 6… ₹ 2,483/sq. ft. ₹ 2,331/sq.

How much does a plot of land cost in Bangalore?

Residential land / Plot in Whitefield

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Property Details Locality Price (per Sqft)
₹ 27.97 Lac – 46.62 Lac, 1200 – 2000 sq.ft.( 111.48-185.81 sq.m. ), Residential land / Plot in Jigani Mahaveer Palatium , Jigani ₹ 2,331/sq.ft.