How did Western education system help India rise?

How did Western education change the Indian education system?

Answer: The British completely changed education in India. … The traditional educational system in which students learnt various subjects in temples, mosques and gurukuls was replaced by a system of schools and universities based on the system in the West.

How did English education help to India?

The British brought a rather modern and logic based education system that led to the evolution in the thinking of the people and helped ban a lot of social evils in India. … These changes have helped shape the modern Indian education system and this papers tries to justify this evolution brought by the British.

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How did Western education benefit the Indian youth?

Through western education, the British sought to create a class of Indians who would be Indians in blood and colour, but English in taste, in opinions, in morals and intellect.”Since they wanted educated Indians for the administrative posts,the English believed in educating only a section of Indians.

What was the impact of Western education and how it led to the rise of Indian nationalism?

And it was this Western education which introduced various notions to the people of India. Through Western education, again the Indians became familiar with the ideas of democracy and nationalism; it was in this process that the seeds of nationalism were sown amongst the Indian people.

What are the good effects of Western education?

Following are the positive effects of Western education:

  • The imparting of liberal modern education gave rise to an awareness against foreign rule of the British.
  • The ideas of liberty, fraternity and democracy began to gain currency among Indians.

Why did the British promote Western education in India?

British wanted to introduce modern western education to serve their economic interests as English education would convince Indians about the superiority of British goods which were machine made, it would make Indians recognize the advantages of trade and commerce.

What is Western education India?

However, the process started in 1813. They started incorporating the western system of education in India by 1813. Lord Macaulay is the one who is said to have introduced western education in India. Lord Macaulay in his book “Minute Upon Indian Education” opposed the publication of books in Sanskrit and Arabic.

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How was it decided to promote English and Western science in India in 1835?

On February 2, 1835, British politician Thomas Babington Macaulay circulated Minute on Education, a treatise that offered definitive reasons for why the East India Company and the British government should spend money on the provision of English language education, as well as the promotion of European learning, …

Who give the system of education in India?

The modern school system was brought to India, originally by Lord Thomas Babington Macaulay, in the 1830s. “Modern” subjects like science and mathematics took precedence, and metaphysics and philosophy were deemed unnecessary.

How did Indians take the Western education as an opportunity Class 8?

How did Indians take the Western education as opportunity? Answer: Some of the Indians took the Western education as an opportunity and a newgroup of intellectuals was being produced. As they were educated so theydecided to educate others and worked for the country. They tried to improve thematerial conditions.

What was the advantage of Western education system introduced by the British?

The British system of education produced English speaking Indian graduates who helped their British masters to run the empire. It also created a class of Indians who were Westernized to the extent that they rejected Indian culture and patronized anything and everything that was British including British goods.

How Western education has changed our life?

Answer Expert Verified. Western education has changed our life. … It opened the doors of knowledge and widened the mental horizons of the educated Indians. It showed the weaknesses of the social structure and led to the removal of the rigid and harsh social practices.

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What are the effects of the introduction of Western education in India?

Effects of the introduction of Western education in India include; (i) English became a common language. (ii) Promotion of Western culture. (iii) Introduction of Western literature.

What were the reasons for introducing Western education in India by the British and how did it impact the Indians?

Westernized Indians, it was hoped, would create a demand for British goods and promote the interests of British manufacturers. Western education would inculcate in the Indians a sense of admiration and respect for British rule. This would strengthen the foundations of the British empire in India.