How many RTO are there in Delhi?

Presently, there are 13 functional zonal RTO offices in Delhi.

How many RTO codes are there in Delhi?

Delhi RTO Codes with Office Locations

RTO Delhi Locations DL RTO Code
Janakpuri West, West Delhi DL04
Loni Road, North East Delhi DL05
Sarai Kale Khan, Central Delhi DL06
Mayur Vihar, East Delhi DL07

How many authorities are there in Delhi?

The Municipal Corporation of Delhi was trifurcated into three bodies, the North Delhi Municipal Corporation, the South Delhi Municipal Corporation and the East Delhi Municipal Corporation in 2012. This is why Delhi now has three mayors.

How many transport authorities are there in Delhi?

In order to maintain transportation in the capital, there are 18 offices of RTO that perform the aforesaid functions. Below is the list of Regional Transport Offices in Delhi.

How many RTO are there in India?

There are more than 1,100 RTOs in the country and the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways wishes to computerise all the data store by the RTOs for easy access and maintenance.

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Who is the head of RTO?

This department is headed by the Transport Commissioner. Every state and city have their own RTO (Regional Transport Office). Every R.T.O is responsible to carry out the functions and activities that are laid out in Motor Vehicles Act, 1988.

Who is the CM of New Delhi?

There have been one instance of president’s rule in National Capital Territory of Delhi, most recently in 2015. Arvind Kejriwal of Aam Aadmi Party is the incumbent chief minister of Delhi since 14 February 2015.

Is Delhi a full state?

Delhi, officially the National Capital Territory of Delhi (NCT), is a city and a union territory of India containing New Delhi, the capital of India. It is situated alongside River Yamuna and bordered by Haryana state on three sides and by Uttar Pradesh state to the east.

What is my RTO code Delhi?

example is DL10-1234, DL is Delhi state and 10 is RTO location West Delhi and 1234 is vehicle register number.

Delhi RTO Code with Location.

RTO Location RTO Code
Mall Road, Delhi North DL-01
Tilak Marg, New Delhi DL-02
Sheikh Sarai, South Delhi South DL-03
West Janakpuri, West Delhi West DL-04

How many RTO are there in UP?

There are 20 Regional offices, 6 Zonal, 19 RTO and 77 ARTO offices that are functioning under the Uttar Pradesh State Road Transport Corporation.

What are RTO codes?

Group of letters for States / Union Terrirories

Sl.No. State/Union Terrirories Group of letters
13 Himachal Pradesh HP
14 Jammu and Kashmir JK
15 Karnataka KA
16 Kerala KL
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Which state has highest RTO in India?

In Maharashtra, the Road Tax structure is much more detailed than most of the other states.

Road Tax Fees in Maharashtra.

Cost of Vehicle Road Tax
All Vehicles RTO Slabs would be double the cost listed above

What is BH number plate?

The BH series or the Bharat Series is a series of number plates for non-transport vehicles introduced in India on 28th August 2021. … As per the law, the vehicle with the BH series number plate does not require a new registration every time the owner moves to another state.

How many RTO are there in up 2021?

In Uttar pradesh there are total of 87 RTO (Regional Transport Office) to maintain proper functioning of vehicle registration process like issuing registration certificate (RC) & driving license (DL) to the vehicle owner.