How much is a roll of Indian head pennies worth?

How much are Indian head pennies worth?

Indian Head Penny Values

1859 Indian Head Penny $15 $200
1860 Indian Head Penny $10 $100
1861 Indian Head Penny $25 $175
1862 Indian Head Penny $10 $75

What year Indian head pennies are valuable?

1877 Indian Head Penny: Key Date

Although not an error or variety, the 1877 Indian Head cent had an extremely low mintage of only 852,500 coins. This has made it a key date and one of the most valuable coins in the series. Since this is the most valuable coin in the series, it is often counterfeited.

Are Indian head pennies a good investment?

1902 Indian Head Penny (RD)

They’re the closest to the original orange-red color when they were minted, while it can achieve an RD grade as long as a coin has retained about 90% of its original copper shine. They have to be seen as the best investment pieces overall, given their rarity and relative value.

How much is a 1907 Indian head penny worth?

1907 Indian head penny value*

Most pieces in good condition are worth only $2, while you need to pay about $20 to $30 for the one in uncirculated condition.

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Why is a 1906 Indian head penny worth so much?

In 1906, Indian Head pennies had an exceedingly high mintage from the US mint. Thus, they have a high value only in uncirculated conditions. However, proof pennies can fetch high value because they form a major rarity. The US mints only struck 1,725 proof pennies.

How much is a 1905 Indian head penny worth?

Valuing the 1905 Indian Head Penny

For a Good-4 to Very Good-8 grade coin, the value is $2 to $3, and Fine-12 coins are worth $4.64. This range of values is the average for 1905 Indian Head pennies. The value increases to $6 in Very Fine-20, $10 in Extremely Fine-40, and $21 in About Uncirculated-50.

How much is a 1900 Indian head penny worth?

The series of these unique one-cent pieces were minted from 1859 until 1909, but their price can vary significantly depending on the condition, color, and year of striking.

1900 Indian head penny value by Numista
Quality 1900
Very good $1.9
Fine $2
Very fine $2.5

What is a 1943 steel penny worth?

Value of a 1943 Steel Penny

They are worth about 10 to 13 cents each in circulated condition, and as much as 50 cents or more if uncirculated.

Why is the 1909 penny rare?

1909-S Lincoln Penny

Also considered a key to the series because of a relatively low mintage number. Collectors value the coin highly in all grades and nicer condition coins are well received. … Value and the fact that altered coins are known requires authentication.

How much is a 1944 wheat penny worth?

The 1944 Wheat penny without a mint mark is worth about 15 cents. One with a “D” mintmark in Extremely Fine condition could sell for about twenty cents. If it’s Uncirculated, expect it to be priced at around 35 cents. 1944 Wheat pennies with distinctive attributes could be worth thousands of dollars.

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