Is SC certificate valid all over India?

Which caste certificate is valid all over India?

SC Certificate is issued by the state only and is valid all over India, but most of the states give reservations to their bonafide residents. For GOI jobs it is valid all over India.

Is caste certificate is valid in other state?

Caste certificate is valid for whole of the India. But the decision to accept it in other states, lies with the management.

Is state level caste certificate valid all over India?

The certificate is only valid at central level if it is issued under central OBC list issued by central government for OBC NCL otherwise obc certificate issued by state government will only be valid in the state only because you come under state OBC list. Every state has a different caste falling under OBC list.

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How long is SC ST certificate valid?

1. At first, the Caste certificate will be valid for three years instead of six months. 2. On the other hand, the income certificate will be valid for one year, nativity certificate will have unlimited validity.

Can I change my caste from SC to general?

Caste cannot be changed. Caste is determined by birth. One inherits his/her father’s caste. So officially one cannot change their caste.

Can I change my caste from SC to OBC?

All in all, caste is still not autonomous and it is not a person’s own decision. … In the case of marriage, it is not legally possible to change from Scheduled Caste (SC) to Other Backward Classes (OBC) or religion, as instructed by the Supreme Court.

Can a State caste certificate be used in UPSC?

A. No. A SC/ST candidate is considered against SC/ST vacancies only if he/she possesses a valid caste certificate. However, such SC/ST candidates can always compete for the unreserved vacancies provided they fulfill the eligibility criteria of General category.

Is it illegal if I have a caste certificate from a State other than my domicile I don’t have caste certificate from the domicile State?

This is not valid because the list of Castes is State specific. As such a member of SC/ST/OBC is eligible for benefits in his state of origin only. … So it is better to give caste certificate and domicile of the same state that is either your home state or migrated state.

Is there any difference between State and central caste certificate?

Caste certificates are issued ONLY by the local administration (ie the State or Union Territory authorities). The Central govt does NOT issue any caste certificates. The caste certificate issued by any State is valid across India (subject to eligibility) for reservation benefits of the Central and State govts.

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Is State caste certificate valid for JEE mains?

For JEE main OBC cast certificate is required from state government or from the central government. For JEE MAINS and ADVANCED,OBC NCL caste certificate is required only from central government as per the latest guidelines. This certificate is required to be in proper format as described by jee.

How do I transfer my SC State certificate to Central?

You need to download the central caste certificate template and fill all the details needed. After filling the details visit tehsil or SDM office where you got your certificate. Please note that there can separate central caste certificate template for OBC, SC, ST and NT.

How do I change my caste from SC to BC?

No, you cannot change your caste from BC to SC.

Does St certificate expire?

The caste certificate issued to SC/ST person is valid till it is cancelled by the authority who has issued.

Can I have 2 caste certificates?

Answers (2)

No.. caste certificates can ONLY be issued by the state to which you belong. it is illegal to have same certificate for the same name or state and it can lead the person into some difficulties if any complaint is made against him.

How long is caste valid for?

Usually, a caste certificate remains valid for the entire life of the individual. However, in some states, the validity is restricted to certain time duration, i.e. 3 years. The individuals who receive the caste certificate can see its validity mentioned on the certificate itself.