What is the cost of 1 Litre petrol in Bangalore?

What is the cost of 1 Litre diesel in Bangalore?

Diesel Price in Bangalore Today

: The price of Diesel in Bangalore is at Rs 85.01 per litre Today.

What is the amount of 1 Litre petrol?

101.89 per litre. Petrol closed the first week of October standing at the rate of Rs. 103.24 per litre.

What is the petrol Price in Karnataka today?

Petrol Price in Karnataka Today

: The price of Petrol in Karnataka is at Rs 100.58 per litre Today.

What is the tax on petrol in Bangalore?

✓ What is the petrol tax applicable in Bangalore? Considering the base price of ₹36 per litre and central excise duty of ₹32.90 per litre, the applicable VAT on petrol in Bangalore comes to ₹24.115 per litre. This makes the total petrol tax in Bangalore, inclusive of VAT and excise duty,  stands at ₹57.015.

What is Price of petrol and diesel in Bangalore?

If the rupee falls further, petrol prices in Bangalore may be hiked again. Diesel in Bangalore was revised to Rs 70.36 per litre as per state-owned IOC’s website.

Last 10 Days Diesel Rate in Bangalore.

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Date Price Price Change
Jan 25, 2022 ₹ 85.01 ₹ 0.00
Jan 24, 2022 ₹ 85.01 ₹ 0.00
Jan 23, 2022 ₹ 85.01 ₹ 0.00

Why Shell petrol Price is high?

Trasportation cost is higher for Shell as they import petrol & transport to their 2,000 petrol pumps scattered all around. Whereas Indian Oil itself has 10 Refineries at different corner of Country, vast Pipeline transportation network with 24,000 Petrol Pump.

Where is petrol cheapest in India?

Among all major cities of India, Delhi has the lowest fuel rates— ₹ 81.63 for petrol, ₹ 73.54 for diesel.

Which state has highest petrol price?

Despite state and central government price cuts, Rajasthan has the highest per litre fuel price in the country at Rs 111.10. The desert state is followed by Maharashtra (Rs 109.98), Andhra Pradesh (Rs 109.05), and Telangana (Rs 108.20).

What is the petrol price in Kerala?

Petrol Price in Kerala Today

: The price of Petrol in Kerala is at Rs 104.46 per litre Today.

Is petrol price going down in Karnataka?

Monthly Petrol Price Trend in Karnataka for September 2021:

104.87 per litre. There was a decline of 17 paise in the price of the fuel when compared to August’s closing price.

Which country has lowest petrol price?

But do you know that there is a country that is selling petrol at Rs 1.885 per litre? Venezuela, as of December 6, 2021, sells petrol at Rs 1.885 per litre. It is the country that sells petrol or gasoline at the lowest price in the world.

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Is there any chance to reduce petrol price?

The government is looking at the possibility of reducing petrol prices over the longer term, however, it would need to find more longer term mechanisms to do so. One of them is to add some taxes onto Oil and Natural Gas Corporation, which is an oil exploration company.

Will petrol prices decrease in India?

The central government had in the beginning of last month announced that it will slash taxes on petrol and diesel, amid a time when their prices were skyrocketing to new highs everyday. Following this, petrol price in India was reduced by Rs 5 per litre, while diesel price was lowered by Rs 10 per litre.