What is the message of Indian Horse?

Saul’s shocking realization cements trauma as one of the key themes of the book. Wagamese shows how trauma, particularly when it’s caused by abuse, as it is in Saul’s case, can be a crippling burden for its victims.

What does the Indian Horse symbolize?

One day, Slanting Sky came through the land leading a strange creature. He led the creature back to his people and told them its name: horse. … Saul’s family name is a constant reminder of his proud heritage. But it is also a symbol of the demise of his people and their culture, as this passage foreshadows.

What can we learn from Indian horses?

One of the most important lessons that Saul had to learn in Wagameses’s book Indian Horse was love. He had learned to love hockey, which in his younger years it was his escape of his haunted memories made by Father Leboutilier and the cruel punishments other children received.

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What is the thesis of Indian Horse?

The Theme of Culture in Indian Horse by Richard Wagamese

“Culture is a way of coping with the world by defining it in detail”. With culture people can develop a sense of belonging, growth, and the ability to relate with others.

Why should you read Indian Horse?

It is an excellent story that highlights an important part of our Canadian history. It re-tells Saul’s experiences at the residential school, and explores the effects it carries with him for a long time, often something that is ignored in the history of residential school students.

Why is it called Indian Horse?

Saul begins with the story of his grandfather Shabogeesick and how he earned the name Indian Horse. He then recounts his childhood, beginning with the stark statement: “All that I knew of Indian died in the winter of 1961, when I was eight years old.” That was the year Saul was taken to the St.

What were the spirit teachings of the horse in Indian Horse?

Through the shaman, the horse imparts two “spirit teachings” to the community: that a terrible change would come (7) and that the people “must learn to ride each one of these horses of change” (9).

Is Indian Horse true story?

It’s a fictional film, but delivers a story that’s all-too real: in the 1950s, a six-year-old Ojibwe boy is torn from his family and forced into a residential school, where he is forbidden to speak his language and faces brutal punishment for the tiniest transgressions.

Is Saul Indian Horse a true story?

Indian Horse is in the form of a memoir written by Saul at the New Dawn Centre, as an alternative to him telling his story to the group there. According to Wagamese, he originally intended to write a novel about hockey, but the legacy of the residential school system gradually became a focal point of the story.

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What is the significance of Naomi’s stories that she tells to the family?

The grandmother of Saul Indian Horse, Naomi is, in many ways, the key maternal figure in Saul’s life. A strong and sensitive woman, Naomi takes care of Saul by telling him stories, keeping him warm, and reassuring him that everything is going to be all right, even when it seems otherwise.

How did Saul lose innocence?

Saul was sexually abused by Father Leboutilier, the person who Saul that had love for him. He loses innocence and a connection with someone whom he looked up too. … Losing his innocence through abuse and what he had been through with St. Jerome’s was hard, but he created space for healing and moving on.

What does Rice symbolize in Indian Horse?

Braids are important in Saul’s tribe, because each family has its own unique braid. The purpose of the braid is to honor the importance of rice, “a gift of Creator.” … The rice moon comes to Gods Lake, meaning that it’s time for the family to prepare for the upcoming harvest.

How does Saul change in Indian Horse?

For a time it appears that hockey will provide Saul with a path to a better, happier life. But as Saul grows older, the trauma from his past and the racism he faces everyday bear down on him. He becomes violent, sullen, and an alcoholic.

How does Richard Wagamese’s novel Indian Horse show the importance of family culture and respect?

Wagamese shows Saul Indian Horse struggling to maintain ties to his family and his culture, even after he’s taken away from his family and sent to school. … Saul’s family and culture also place a lot of emphasis on respecting and living in harmony with the natural world.

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Who dies in Indian Horse?

Shortly after this vision, Benjamin begins coughing up blood, a symptom of a disease he contracted during his time in school. He dies one day while harvesting rice with the family. Saul’s parents take Benjamin’s body into the nearest town to seek a Christian burial for him, but they never return.

What is the bush in Indian Horse?

Saul’s parents disappear into an alcoholic, nomadic existence in Northern Ontario mining and mill towns, leaving their remaining boy with his grandmother in the bush, a short-lived idyll that ends when the old woman freezes to death and Saul is sent to St. Jerome’s.