Where can I publish a law article in India?

Articles should be submitted electronically via the Submit Form: https://www.legalserviceindia.com/legal/register.html. Please note that the Journal will not accept submissions of articles received by any other means.

Where can I publish my legal article?

If you have written an article on law, legal career, legal industry, lifestyle of lawyers, law colleges or even life on campus, iPleaders blog will be happy to publish your article as long as it is original, unpublished and exclusively published on iPleaders blog.

How can I publish my article in Indian law journal?

The articles/book reviews should be submitted online in a MS Word format document to info@indialawjournal.org.

How do I submit an article to a live law?

For issues or complaints regarding your existing subscription, please write to us at info@livelaw.in or WhatsApp us at +91 7994869913, +91 7778047066.

How do I publish articles on SCC online?

2.4. Submission Procedure

  1. The Author/s are required to email the manuscript to editorcalq@gmail.com.
  2. The manuscript may be mailed in Microsoft Word (‘. …
  3. The subject of the mail must clearly mention, ‘Submission for CALQ_Volume 5.2 [Article/Note/Case Comment/Book Review]’.
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What is law journal in India?

The Indian Journal of Law and Technology (IJLT) is a bi-annual, student-edited, peer-reviewed, open access law journal published annually by the National Law School of India University, Bangalore.

Is Harvard Law Review a journal?

The Harvard Law Review is a student-run organization whose primary purpose is to publish a journal of legal scholarship. … The Review publishes articles by professors, judges, and practitioners and solicits reviews of important recent books from recognized experts.

How do I submit an article to the bar and bench?

Fill the form completely and email the document to itrules@barandbench.com.

How do you cite an Indian case?

Indian cases are often reported in multiple report series – for example: (1970) AIR 1133, [1970] 3 SCR 383, (1970) KLT 181(SC), (1970)1 SCC 189. In this example, the preferred citation is to the authorised SCRs.

How do I publish on Ipleaders?

By submitting any article for publication on http://blog.ipleaders.in, or communicating in any way the consent to publish articles the author has undertaken and agreed with the following terms and conditions: That the article is original work of the author and has not been published anywhere before.

Where can I publish a legal research paper in India?

Indian Journal of Law and Legal Research ISSN: 2582-8878 Indexed at Manupatra, Google Scholar & ROAD

  • Plagiarism Limit – Upto 25 Percent.

How do live laws work?

This is an exciting time for legal journalists in India. And Live Law is hiring! If you are interested to work with us as a Correspondent, Columnist or Freelancer, mail your resume to careers@livelaw.in.

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How do you publish a research paper?

How to publish your research

  1. How to publish your research. …
  2. About this topic. …
  3. Step 1: choosing a journal.
  4. Step 2: writing your paper.
  5. Step 3: making your submission.
  6. Step 4: navigating the peer review process.
  7. Step 5: the production process.
  8. If your paper is accepted for publication, it will then head into production.