Which is the fastest engine in India?

State-owned Chittaranjan Locomotive Works (CLW) has given the Indian Railways its fastest ever engine. The modified WAP 5, which is yet to have a name, is expected to travel at 200 kmph.

Which is fastest train engine in India?

As of 2021, the fastest train of India is Vande Bharat Express with a top speed of 180 km/h (110 mph) which it attained during a trial run.

Definition and terminology.

Speed Type Length
<160 km/h (99 mph) Conventional rail 59,274 km (36,831 mi)

Which is the most powerful engine in Indian Railways?

Indian Railways’ most powerful locomotive,the WAG12B has joined the vat network of Indian Railways. WAG12B is equipped with 12000 HP and has been manufactured along with the French company Alstom.

Which is the fastest loco in India?

Vande Bharat Express, India’s fastest train, had hit a speed of 180 km per hour during its trial run. The train has been manufactured by Integral Coach Factory, Chennai, under the ‘Make in India’ initiative.

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Which is the slowest engine in India?

The Nilgiri Express with an average speed of 10 kmph has the distinction of being India’s slowest train.

What is the full form of WAP 7?

The Indian locomotive class WAP-7 is a class of 25 kV AC electric locomotives that was developed in 1999 by Chittaranjan Locomotive Works (CLW) for Indian Railways. The model name stands for broad gauge (W), AC Current (A), Passenger traffic (P) engine, 7th generation (7).

Which is fastest train in world?

1: Shanghai Maglev – 460 kph/286 mph (China)

The world’s fastest public train is also unique — it’s the only link in the world currently carrying passengers using magnetic levitation (Maglev) rather than conventional steel wheels on steel rails.

Which is the powerful loco in India?

WAG-9 locomotiveis the most powerful freight locomotive in Indian Railways’ fleet. It is very similar to WAP-7; the only major difference being the gear ratio which makes it suitable for heavy freight operations. Newer versions starting from WAG-9 31248 feature full IGBT traction control. The class is named as WAG-9i.

Which engine is best for train?

WAG-9 (Wide, AC, Goods)

Indian Locomotive Class WAG-9 is currently the most powerful freight locomotive used by Indian Railways. WAG-9H class is mostly used as freight locomotive and second heaviest locomotives and only freight dedicated three-phase AC locomotives in India.

What is the longest train in India?

Dibrugarh – Kanyakumari Vivek Express

This weekly train, numbered 15905/15906, is currently the longest train route in the Indian Subcontinent. It joins Dibrugarh in Assam, North-East India to Kanyakumari, Tamil Nadu which is the southernmost tip of Mainland India.

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Which is the best train in India?

Top 10 Popular Trains in India: Best Train Journeys

  1. Vivek Express. The Dibrugarh-Kanyakumari Express also known as Vivek Express is currently the longest-running train in India.
  2. Himsagar Express. …
  3. Darjeeling Himalayan Railway. …
  4. Palace on Wheels. …
  5. Golden Chariot. …
  6. Maharaja Express. …
  7. Deccan Odyssey. …
  8. Maitree Express.

What is the speed of Vande Bharat train?

The service was named ‘Vande Bharat Express’ on 27 January 2019. As of Aug 2021, the Indian Railways operates two Vande Bharat trains, one from Delhi to Varanasi and the other from Delhi to Katra.

Vande Bharat Express
Operating speed 130 km/h (81 mph) (service) 180 km/h (110 mph) (achieved) 200 km/h (120 mph) (maximum)

What is the full form of WAP 4?

The Indian locomotive class WAP-4 is a class of 25 kV AC electric locomotives that was developed in 1993 by Chittaranjan Locomotive Works for Indian Railways. The model name stands for broad gauge (W), AC Current (A), Passenger traffic (P) engine, 4th generation (4).

Why Indian trains are so slow?

Due to poor infrastructure Railway has to impose speed restrictions that can be temporary or permanent to Slow Down The Train on a particular stretch and while crossing stations. … But in India the average speed of a train is based on the number of trains passing on the track.

Which is the fastest diesel locomotive in India?

They are the Fastest ALCo based locomotive found in India with a Top speed of 160 km/h, on par with the premier Electric Locomotives.

Indian locomotive class WDP-3A.

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hideType and origin
Power type Electric and Diesel
Builder Banaras Locomotive Works Diesel-Loco Modernisation Works
Serial number WDP-2-1 to WDP-2-44
Model ALCO DL560C variant