Which is the fifth longest river in India?

The correct answer is the Narmada River. Narmada river is the fifth largest river and the largest west flowing river. It is Considered a geographical barrier between North and South India. It originates from Narmada Kund at Amarkantak, situated in the Maikal Range, and is also known as the Lifeline of Madhya Pradesh.

What is the fifth longest river?

The Yenisei River- 5539 Kms

This is the world’s fifth-longest river system and the largest draining into the Arctic Ocean.

Which is the sixth longest river in India?

Longest River in India

  • The Ganges River- 2525 km. …
  • Godavari River- 1464 km. …
  • Krishna River- 1400 km. …
  • Yamuna River- 1376 km. …
  • Narmada River- 1312 km. …
  • Indus River- 3180 km. …
  • Brahmaputra River- 2900 km. …
  • Mahanadi River- 890 km.

Which is longest river in the India?

At over three thousand kilometers long, the Indus is the longest river of India. It originates in Tibet from Lake Mansarovar before flowing through the regions of Ladakh and Punjab, joining the Arabian Sea at Pakistan’s Karachi port.

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Which is the longest river in India first?

The River Ganges. Although officially and popularly called Ganga in Hindi and other Indian languages, it is known internationally by its conventional name: Ganges. Compared to other major rivers in Asia, the Ganges is the longest river in India with a length of 2,510 kilometres and an average flow rate of 14,720 m3/s.

What are the 10 most longest rivers?

World’s 10 Longest Rivers (PHOTOS)

  1. The Nile – Africa. 1/7.
  2. Amazon River – Brazil, Colombia, Peru. 1/7. …
  3. Yangtze River – China. …
  4. Mississippi River – U.S. …
  5. Yenisei River – Mongolia and Russia. …
  6. Yellow River – China. …
  7. Ob River – Russia. …
  8. Paraná River – Brazil, Paraguay and Argentina. …

Which is the 2nd largest river in India?

The Godavari is India’s second longest river after the Ganga.

Which is the largest river of Asia?

The Yangtze River is 3,915 miles (6,300 km) long. It is the longest river in both China and Asia and the third-longest river in the world.

Which is the longest river in India Mcq?

Ganga is the longest river in India. Ganges – 2,525 km.

Which river is longest Indus or Brahmaputra?

Top 10 Longest Rivers in India

Name of Rivers Length (Km)
1. Indus River 2900
2. Brahmaputra River 2900
3. Ganga River 2525
4. Godavari River 1465

Which is the longest river in India Wikipedia?

Ganga is the largest river system in India. However these rivers are just three among many. Other examples are Narmada, Tapathi, and Godavari.

Annual flows and other data.

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River basin unit Ganges (GBM)
Region North
Draining into Bangladesh
Catchment area (% of river irrigated India) 26.5
Average runoff (km3) 525.02

Which is the longest river in India Ganga or Indus?

The Ganges is the longest river in India if we consider the total distance covered by a river within India. The length of the Ganga river is about 2510 km. Two major rivers of the Indian subcontinent – Brahmaputra and Indus – are longer than the Ganges in total length.

What is the strongest river?

Amazon River – The Most Powerful River on Earth

  • The Amazon, a river in the north of South America, is the richest river in water on earth. …
  • The Amazon basin contains the world’s largest rainforest area at one stretch. …
  • The Amazon River, or rather its estuary, was first explored by European settlers around 1500.

What is the smallest river of India?

Arvari river is a small river in the Indian state of Rajasthan. It just have 90 km of length and it also consider as the smallest river of India and flows through the Arvari District of Rajasthan.

Which is the largest river in Indian desert?

The Luni is the largest river in the Thar Desert of northwest India. It originates in the Pushkar valley of the Aravalli Range, near Ajmer, passes through the southeastern portion of the Thar Desert, and ends in the marshy lands of Rann of Kutch in Gujarat, after travelling a distance of 495 km (308 mi).