Who for the first time framed the draft of Indian Constitution?

Who was the first person to draft the constitution for India?

B. N. Rau was appointed as the Constitutional Adviser to the Constituent Assembly in formulating the Indian Constitution in 1946. He was responsible for the general structure of its democratic framework of the Constitution and prepared its initial draft in February 1948.

Who wrote the first draft of Constitution?

Thomas Jefferson’s Draft of a Constitution for Virginia, predecessor of The Declaration Of Independence. Immediately on learning that the Virginia Convention had called for independence on May 15, 1776, Jefferson, a Virginia delegate to the Continental Congress, wrote at least three drafts of a Virginia constitution.

Who framed the first draft of the Indian constitution and in which year?

Option 4 is the correct answer. First draft of the Indian constitution was prepared by B N Rau. Constituent Assembly had appointed 22 committees and assigned different issues to deal with. These committees submitted their reports between April and August 1947.

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Who was the first to draft a constitution for India Class 9?

The constitution of India was first drafted by Motilal Nehru in 1928.

Who was the first one to draft?

In 1928, Motilal Nehru along with eight other Congress leaders created the first draft of a constitution for India. The first one to draft the constitution for India was Motilal Nehru.

Who is the father of the Constitution?

James Madison, America’s fourth President (1809-1817), made a major contribution to the ratification of the Constitution by writing The Federalist Papers, along with Alexander Hamilton and John Jay. In later years, he was referred to as the “Father of the Constitution.”

When was the first draft of Constitution?

The Constitution of India was adopted on 26 November, 1949 and the hon’ble members appended their signatures to it on 24 January, 1950. In all, 284 members actually signed the Constitution.

Sessions of the Constituent Assembly.

First Session: 9-23 December, 1946
Eleventh Session: 14-26 November, 1949

When was the first draft of the Constitution introduced?

The First Draft. On Monday August 6, 1787, the convention accepted the first draft of the Constitution. Here was the article-by-article model from which the final document would result some 5 weeks later.

Who drafted the Indian Constitution in 1928?

Meanwhile, the All Parties Conference convened by the Congress Party… appointed a Committee under Pandit Motilal Nehru to draft a Swaraj Constitution for India. The Nehru Committee worked from June to August 1928 and drafted a Constitution.

Who are the 7 members of drafting committee?

The Drafting Committee had seven members: Alladi Krishnaswami Ayyar, N. Gopalaswami; B.R. Ambedkar, K.M Munshi, Mohammad Saadulla, B.L. Mitter and D.P. Khaitan.

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Who was the first chairman of the Constituent Assembly?

The Constitution was framed by the Constituent Assembly of India, established by the members of the provincial assemblies elected by the people of India. Dr Sachidanand Sinha was the first president of the Constituent Assembly. Later, Dr Rajendra Prasad was elected its president.

Who prepared the first draft Constitution of India Mcq?

The drafting committee was entrusted with the responsibility to prepare the Draft constitution. The drafting committee was set up on 29 August 1947 under the chairmanship of Dr B R Ambedkar. The constituent assembly took 2 years, 11 months and 18 days to frame the constitution.