Who is the youngest digital marketer in Delhi?

Kartik Choudhary, the founder of hyena media, is the youngest digital marketer in New Delhi.

Who is the youngest digital marketer?

Utkarsh Piyush is all of 19 years of age and is hence known as the youngest digital entrepreneur, who has showcased his prowess and talents in the digital marketing space, excelling in services like Influencer marketing, YouTube marketing, Web and Mobile App Development, Online reputation management, PR, social media …

Who is youngest digital marketer in India?

Jeevan Tiwari is India’s youngest digital entrepreneur and is also the youngest millionaire in India. He was born in Gujarat and began his digital journey at a very young age. He is known to be the Pioneer of Digital Entrepreneurs in India.

Who is youngest digital marketer of Udaipur?

Nikunj Agarwal is the youngest entrepreneur from Udaipur. Nikunj is a 17-year-old digital marketer who founded ‘Digitary’.

Who is the youngest marketing guru?

Pratham Singh is a young entrepreneur aka youngest Marketing Guru from New Delhi, India.

Who is the youngest marketer?

Kartik Choudhary is the founder of Hyena Media, an influencer marketing agency. He started the agency in August last year and is achieving heights as told earlier. He also made his presence on YouTube with great content, and 1000+ subscribers on there.

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Who is the youngest digital entrepreneur in Bihar?

Now, after years of trial and error, Mayank Singh Rajput is The Youngest Entrepreneur In Bihar, He Is well known digital and social media marketing expert, he is a founder and CEO of an organization called the digital hunters an agency offering digital marketing services at all over India – and he’s only 22 years old!

Who is Navi Grewal?

Navi Grewal, an Indian entrepreneur and owner of the digital marketing firm Ghost Media Pvt. … With revolutionized marketing concepts, he has helped startups, MSMEs, artists and Bollywood celebrities to connect with their audiences in the virtual world.

Who is pratham waghmare?

Pratham Waghmare is a Sales Funnel & Facebook Ads Specialist. He has 4 years experience in customer acquisition for local businesses and doctors. His clients have gotten incredible results and many have opened multiple locations, thanks to his customer acquisition skills using Funnels and Facebook Ads.