Your question: Is online shopping available in Delhi in lockdown?

Delhi chief minister Arvind Kejriwal on Saturday announced the resumption of e-commerce services in the national capital as the cases of coronavirus disease (Covid-19) are now falling steadily. … Delhi Metro can also begin its operations with a 50% capacity, as per the announcement.

Are deliveries allowed in lockdown?

Government confirms that Car Deliveries are Permitted During Lockdown. The government has officially confirmed that car retailers are able to both sell cars online and deliver them under the current COVID-19 lockdown.

Is delivery allowed in Delhi?

In a big blow to the hospitality industry, the Delhi government has decided to close down restaurants and bars amid spiking Covid cases and will allow take away services only. … “Our business is not an on-and-off button and there are businesses that are not there for deliveries and takeaways.

Is ecommerce open after lockdown?

The Karnataka government has said that e-commerce platforms will be allowed to deliver all goods during the 14-day statewide lockdown that kicks off on Tuesday night. … “They’ve (Karnataka government) allowed both e-commerce and shops to function through home deliveries.

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Will online deliveries continue in India?

The lockdown was imposed in Delhi on Monday and it will be lifted on April 26 at 5 am. As per the latest lockdown guidelines, the government has only allowed the delivery of essential goods. Earlier, Maharashtra had suspended the delivery of non-essential goods through e-commerce.

Is online delivery allowed in lockdown Delhi?

Online delivery for all non-essential items was restricted in Delhi since April 19, when the city imposed the lockdown to curb the rapidly spreading virus. The chief minister also allowed markets, malls to resume their business. … Delhi Metro can also begin its operations with a 50% capacity, as per the announcement.

Is Amazon delivery allowed in Delhi?

Amazon is now delivering only essentials in Delhi and Mumbai. Both cities are seeing complete lockdowns, prohibiting delivery of non-essential items. However, most places in India are not under lockdown and Amazon is delivering everything to these places.

Is Delhi in Uttar Pradesh?

Delhi is located in Northern India, at28.61°N 77.23°E. The city is bordered on its northern, western, and southern sides by the state of Haryana and to the east by that of Uttar Pradesh (UP). Two prominent features of the geography of Delhi are the Yamuna flood plains and the Delhi ridge.

Which cafes are open for dine-in Delhi?

12 Restaurants & Cafes In Delhi That Are Now Open For Dine-In

  • The Big Chill Cafe. Picture Credits: foodiesince96. …
  • AMA Cafe. Picture Credits: thedapperedit. …
  • YUM YUM CHA – A Pan Asian Bistro. Picture Credits: thefood.vlogger. …
  • 4. Cafe Delhi Heights. …
  • Khan Chacha. …
  • Leo’s Pizzeria. …
  • Yeti The Himalayan Kitchen. …
  • 8. Cafe Dori.
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What is the pin code of Delhi?

List of Pin Codes (Postal Code) of Delhi

Area Name Pin Code
Connaught Place 110001
Constitution House 110001
Chawri Bazar 110006
Chandni Chowk 110006

Will ecommerce deliver non essentials?

As the Covid-19 cases across India are increasing exponentially on a daily basis, the government of Karnataka has decided to make its statewide lockdown a little stricter by prohibiting ecommerce companies from delivering non-essential goods.

Are ecommerce sites delivering?

As per Tamil Nadu’s orders, delivery of food, provisions, vegetables, meat and fish by ecommerce is allowed from 6 AM to noon. Karnataka, on the other hand, had allowed delivery of all essential and non-essential goods but revised the order to only allow delivery of essential goods earlier this week.

When did mobile phone delivery start?

The government recently issued guidelines that allowed e-commerce players to start delivering both essential and non-essential items during the extended lockdown period from April 20. It is expected that firms such as Amazon, Flipkart, Snapdeal and Paytm and others can move towards normalcy in their operations.

Can you pick up from Amazon facility?

Instead of having a package delivered to your home or business address, you can select an Amazon hub location. Then, you can pick up your package at a time that suits you. If all items in your order are eligible, you’ll see the option to search for an Amazon Hub location during checkout.

Does Amazon deliver now?

Prime Now currently delivers in select pincodes in Bangalore, Mumbai, Delhi NCR and Hyderabad. Please enter your pincode in the Prime Now app to check if we deliver to your pincode.

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Is cod available on Amazon now?

We’ve temporarily disabled Cash On Delivery (COD) to help you save cash for essential payments. Use your credit/debit cards, net banking and Amazon gift cards to complete your purchase. As per new government regulations, delivery associates will not accept notes with high denomination of Rs. 500/Rs.