Your question: Who is the dangerous criminal in India?

Who is the most criminal wanted in India?

India S Most Wanted Criminal Dawood Ibrahim

  • Checking Dawood’s Role In Brother Iqbal Kaskar’s Extortion Racket: Police. …
  • Dawood Ibrahim’s Properties Seized, PM Narendra Modi’s Masterstroke, Tweets BJP. …
  • Got Rs 1.18 Crore to Spare? …
  • Gangster Chhota Rajan in India After 27-Year Hunt, CBI Takes Charge: 10 Developments.

Who is the baddest criminal?

Top 10 Most Notorious Criminals of All Time

  • #8: Jesse James. 1847 – 1882. …
  • #7: Amado Carrillo Fuentes. 1956 – 1997. …
  • #6: James ‘Whitey’ Bulger. 1929 – …
  • #5: Jean-Bernard Lasnaud. 1942 – …
  • #4: Meyer Harris ‘Mickey’ Cohen. 1913 – 1976. …
  • #3: John Dillinger. 1903 – 1934. …
  • #2: Pablo Escobar. 1949 – 1993. …
  • #1: Al Capone. 1899 – 1947.

Who is criminals in India?

Chotta Rajan is the boss of a major crime syndicate based in Mumbai. He was a former key aide and lieutenant of Dawood Ibrahim. Starting as a petty thief and bootlegger working for Rajan Nair, also known as Bada Rajan (Big Rajan), Chhota Rajan took over the reins of Bada Rajan’s gang after Bada Rajan’s murder.

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Who is the No 1 gangster in India?

Dawood Ibrahim. listen); born 26 December 1955) is an unapprehended Indian gangster and drug kingpin from Dongri, Mumbai.

Who is the Don of Pakistan?

He is also the former chief of the Peoples Aman Committee, which was a militant group linked to the Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP).

Uzair Baloch
Born Uzair Ali 11 January 1979 Karachi, Sindh
Nationality Pakistani Iranian
Occupation Crime lord
Years active 2001–2015

What is the biggest crime in history?

15 Biggest Criminal Cases in American History

  • O.J. Simpson. …
  • Lindbergh Baby Kidnapping. …
  • Beltway Snipers. …
  • D.B. …
  • The Zodiac Killings. …
  • Watergate. …
  • The Black Dahlia Murder. …
  • Unabomber.

What is the greatest crime ever?

Full List

  • The Lindbergh Kidnapping.
  • Stealing the Mona Lisa, 1911.
  • The Fake Ape-Man, 1912.
  • The Fatty Arbuckle Scandal, 1920.
  • The Black Dahlia, 1947.
  • The Brinks Job, 1950.
  • The Lana Turner Affair, 1958.
  • The Great Train Robbery, 1963.

Which is the biggest crime in India?

Rape in India has been described by Radha Kumar as one of India’s most common crimes against women. Official sources show that rape cases in India have doubled between 1990 and 2008.

Who is the biggest gangster in world?

Al Capone is perhaps the most notorious gangster of all time, and also one of the richest. During prohibition, Capone controlled the illegal alcohol, prostitution and gambling rackets in Chicago which brought in $100 million a year at its prime.

Who is most wanted criminal in world?

Ten Most Wanted Fugitives

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Who is famous rowdy in India?

He was born in Tuticorin, Tamil Nadu. From early 1960s to the 1980s; he was one of the most powerful mob bosses in Bombay, along with Haji Mastan and Karim Lala.

Varadarajan Mudaliar.

Varadharajan Mudaliyar
Born 1926 Tuticorin, Madras Presidency, British India
Died 2 January 1988 (aged 61) Madras, Tamil Nadu, India

Who is youngest gangster in India?

Shri Prakash Shukla was born in Mamkhor village, near hata bazar Gorakhpur. He was a good student . In 1993, Shukla killed a man called Rakesh Tiwari, because he had whistled at Shukla’s sister. This was Shukla’s first criminal record.

Who is the Don of Bangalore?

Jayaraj (born in 1944/1946–1989) was the first ever don of Bangalore underworld. His reign was during the 1970s and 1980s.

M. P. Jayaraj
Born c. 1946 Thigallarapete, Bangalore, Karnataka, India
Died November 21, 1989 (aged 42–43) Bangalore, Karnataka, India
Occupation Gangster, politician